Applications for Messaging in Freenet

FreeBBS is a collection of applications, scripts, and code snippets for messaging systems in Freenet.

Our focus is on BBS systems, primitive 'email' systems, feedback mechanicsms etc. within Freenet.

Freenet Grab

Freenet Grab ( is a GPL'd replacement for the official Freenet Project's freenet_request (Un*x) and frequest.exe (Windows). Freenet Grab has several features freenet_request/frequest doesn't have:

New: 05/22/2001
0.0.4 Released

0.0.4 has multi-threaded simultaneous downloads, better support for Freenet index and key indexes and many bugfixes.
Here is the change log. Download fngrab-0.0.4.tar.gz here. (Approx 15k)

A Windows .exe version will be available shortly. If you already have Python installed, the version above will work.

For usage and examples see the README.

Freenet Grab was developed and tested on Linux and FreeBSD and reportedly works on Solaris, Windows 9.x,NT,2k, and other *nix.

I'm looking for a Windows developer to iron out a bug or three.

NEW! Windows executable - No Python necessary!
Download here. (Approx 500k)

Note: The Windows version has had minimal testing. There is no fancy installer. Unzip it to your Windows directory. (C:\Windows)
You can run it from any directory, no serverAdress necessary.

For the meek: Unzip in any directory, but you you must run it from that directory unless you put the dir in your path.

Coming soon: a version that uses a C library for XML-RPC for another speed boost.

Contact / Bug Reports:

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